Our Mission is to help people build an Empowered Mindset so they can be their best and bring out the best in others.

About Us

Our Value Proposition:

Brain Savvy changes the way people, teams, and organizations interact with stress so that it becomes an opportunity to lead and not an obstacle to overcome.

Life and leadership are all about relationships. Relationships thrive when we respond effectively to stress. Since our brains control how we respond to stress, it makes sense to have concepts and tools that connect our brains to our actions as stress happens, so we can get the results that we want in life.

The most effective leadership is the business of a trained brain. We've developed an actionable framework and proven tools that transform decision-making and performance into conscious endeavors. They do this by enabling people to consciously connect thinking with emotion, and self with others -- anytime, anywhere, and especially under pressure. This frees people to align their focus, energy, and talent to the task at hand and NOT to the stress.

person overcoming stress

Our Team:

We are a dedicated crew of entrepreneurial business owners with diverse professional experience in academic, clinical, organizational, and community settings. As individuals, we’ve dedicated our lives and careers to helping people accomplish what they set out to do in life. What brought us together was a single question:

“How can we get better results for people?” What we’ve been able to create together will set the stage for future, brain-centric innovation in people and leadership development. To learn more about our team click below.

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Our Model:

With the recent explosion of neuroscience and research in neuroplasticity, we have gained new insights into how our brains go about the business of running our lives, largely outside of our conscious awareness. We now have the research to prove what many of us suspected all along – i.e., that the Emotional Brain is the true driver of the human condition. This explains why the prevailing (short-term) cognitive-behavioral models are producing modest results at best. We’ve been due for a better model for decades. The new science has provided the roadmap. And the new rules of the game are the rules of the brain.

The Brain Savvy Training Model

Inspired by the beautiful, albeit misunderstood philosophy of Stoicism, and the visionary contributions of Daniel Goleman, Stephen Covey, Daniel Amen, Laurel Mellin, Carol Dweck and many others, we dedicated the past decade to developing a more complete model of leadership that explains the interplay of stress, emotions, thinking, and decision-making in performance. It also acts as a model of change by laying out the four brain-centric elements that are necessary for learning to stick – concepts, language, tools, and practice together.

With a common understanding of the brain, a shared language of leadership, and effective tools that can be used in everyday life and especially in moments of stress, people and teams are able to change the way they interact with stress. Consistent practice together over time is what changes the stress habit of the brain.