Our Mission:

To help people find hope & freedom in the power of the brain to connect to our best selves and bring out the best in others.

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Rule 2:

Change is Experiential

Change is Better Together

Rule 3:

The New Rules of the Game

Are The Rules of the BRAIN


Change is Challenging

  • The brain likes what's consistent even when  it's not what we want nor is it good for us.


  • The brain dislikes anything that is inconsistent even when it's what we want and it's good for us. 

a middle aged man in a tug-of-war with himself over his brain


Change is Experiential

  • The brain does not change by intellectual understanding alone.

  • It takes at least 12 weeks of consistent effort with support to train new Brain Savvy Habits. 

professional woman choosind her mood by touching an emogi


Change is Better Together

  • Brains fire and wire together with shared concepts, language, tools, and practice.

  • Excellent performance, rich relationships, and great leadership don't happen by chance. 

2 brains riding a bike together